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Is there a shelf life for disposable masks? How long do I need to change?

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Is there a shelf life for disposable masks? How long do I need to change?

How often do you change a disposable mask?


Due to different types of masks, different users and different environments, there is no uniform regulation on how long masks should be used. Under normal circumstances, disposable surgical masks are recommended to be replaced every 4 hours at least. If the mask is wet or soiled by secretions, or if it is damaged, or if you feel increased respiratory resistance, replace it immediately.


Can I wear a disposable mask after washing?


Disposable masks are not allowed to be washed. Once washed, they will lose the filtering effect. It is necessary to pay attention to the principle of special personnel when wearing masks.


Is there a shelf life for disposable masks?


There is. Masks are valid for two years. When choosing a mask, in addition to carefully checking whether the mask surface is clean and even, whether there is any breakage and stains, and whether the size is appropriate, the product specifications and models, manufacturers, the implemented standard number, the approval number of the product should also be checked. In particular, the production date and validity period should be paid attention to. Generally, the validity period of the mask is two years.


Can disposable masks be used beyond their expiration date?


In general, is out of date of disposable masks are not recommended for use, first expired masks protective effect will be reduced, the second mask request sterile, if put in the living environment for a long time, mildew or the possibility of bacterial contamination, when used not very good protective effect, not only may cause respiratory tract infection, cause certain damage to health. However, some disposable masks are individually sealed and packaged and can be well kept without being opened. In the special stage of novel Coronavirus epidemic, the mask is in short supply. If a mask cannot be purchased, it can be used in case of well-kept masks, which can also play a certain role in virus isolation.

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